Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jenny + Ravi {Wedding Ceremony}

There was once a boy who meet a girl. They were from completely different worlds.  Different family beliefs. Different traditions.  Different Gods.  Just different.  But, they liked each other.  A lot.  They quickly fell in love even though all odds were against them.  But, no diversity could break the destiny.  The love.  The love they had for each other.  It would speak. It would whisper.  Eventually people understood what Ravi + Jenny already knew. This guy loved this girl and this girl loved this guy.  It was to be their bond.   Then, they got married.  

There are moments when I get to witness the power of friendship and love so grand that it inspires me to be a better person, a better wife, and a better mother.  I am happy that fate brought us together.  It was indeed fate.  I am better knowing Ravi + Jenny.  Quite simply, they are genuinely remarkable people.

They had a vision of a wedding from a little movie called twilight.  Not regarding hungry wolves and lustful vampires, but rather a breathtaking masterpiece of suspended floral in soft white surrounded by trees.  What could be better than hundred year old manzanita and oak trees as your playground, so I thought.  With whimsical invitations of purple hues blended with grey, Ravi + Jenny selected the River Oaks Garden Club as Part II of their wedding adventure.  Check out Part I, which was a celebration to Ravi's Indian heritage, filled with vibrantly beautiful colors of red and orange.

 As guests  arrived they were welcomed into the water garden to enjoy  refreshing lavender sodas.  It was the perfect moment to rekindle old friendships and create new prior to the ceremony. As guest moved to the ceremony area, they were each taken back by the flawless ceiling design of ribbons, garden roses, and orchids suspended from the ceiling. There was something quite magical about the 25'x40' grid above our heads as we witnessed the power of true love come together.   There was also something spectacular about the meaning of flowers.  While the groomsmen showcased a dark purple dendrobium orchid with lavender accents on their JoS. A. Bank suites, the bridesmaids presented a different floral bouquet to Ravi as they approached the alter. While Clair de Lune by Debussy filled the air, the meaning of each flower was spoken:  White stock, representing a symbol of happy life and contended existence; Gardenia, representing femine grace, purity, and joy; Orchid, a flower of magnificence that brings universal message of love, beauty, thoughtfulness, luxury, and strength; and, Chrysanthemum, representing hope.  The final bouquet presented by the Jenny was the white rose, the flower of light which stands for the mortal power of love. Rosemary and Lavender were accents with their meaning of remembrance and renewal.  Together, Ravi and Jenny tied the bouquet together symbolizing the unity of their cultures and the foundation of their relationship.

But, it wasn't all seriousness and mushy meanings.  With the heavens above tempting us with a little rain, we had umbrellas on hand for the back-up plan. After all, the show must go on.  The Gods were indeed watching  over us as there was no rain on this wedding day but, alas, some fun umbrellas must be used.   Just because we can.

Ravi + Jenny both wore Rado, Jubile-style watches, gifts from the groom's parents as they exchanged their Tiffany and Co platinum wedding bands, which were engraved with their nicknames for each other:  Silly Willy.  Their vows were from their heart and  there was not a dry eye in this intimate setting of close friends and family.  I would be remissed if I did not mention Ravi's Kenneth Cole shoes.  That boy loves those shoes! And, he finally got his girl.
Ingredients for this perfect recipe of love:

Enjoy Events:  event design + planning
Dream Bouquet:  floral
Steve Lee:  Photography
Acoustic Production:  ceremony music
A Finer Event:  rentals
Catering by Culinaire:  beverages
Your Beautiful Face:  hair + makeup
Parvani Vida:  gown
JoS. A. Bank Clothiers:  suites
Tiffany and Co:  wedding bands 
River Oaks Garden Club:  venue
Delphine Pressstationary

Stay tune for Part III of this epic adventure. 

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