Thursday, September 6, 2012


Madison and Austin produce art everyday of their lives.  Since the beginning of their time, coloring books really did not exist for them as a blank piece of paper generally allowed for their imagination to freely express their art.  They express art everyday.  They color. They draw.  They paint.  They collage. They explore different mediums.  Madison, specifically wants to be an artist when she grow up. They dream.  They imagine. They create.  So, an art themed birthday party it is for this seven and three year old.

What better place to throw this themed bash than at a gallery.  The Heights Theater is an event venue by night and Gallery M Squared by day.  So, it is perfect.  Plus, they put your name up on the marquee.  Sweet.

Cakeadoodledoo hooked up some awesome invitations and cupcake wrappers.  Quite simply, they rocked.  Clear paint cans filled with colorful gerber daisies created playful centerpieces.   Swift and Company provided the rentals while Elegant Beginnings created a beautiful backdrop of different colored linens throughout the space.  

The future picassos of the world arrive and were faced with the challenge of visiting six art stations.  No fear.  They succeeded.  It started with a smock station, which were decorated and in no particular order, they enjoyed sand art, acrylic on canvas, oil pastels,  water color, and an art collage station. Each station represented some of Madison's past art as an example.  Once the individual artwork was complete, it was displayed for all to enjoy.

If you did not know, art is intense and works up an appetite.  Starving artist kits equipped with creative juice fueled the brain.  And if that wasn't enough, a display of treats placed in front of a paper-chain wall was sure to tempt the tastebuds.  It was a table filled with art palette cookies, rice crispy brushes, and art inspired cupcakes all created by Michael's Cookie Jar.  Delicious.

Happy 7 + 3 Madison and Austin.

Thanks Laura Burlton for spending the afternoon with us and capturing the memories. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Diana + Philippe

According to wiki.answers rain is considered good luck in some cultures as it represents  stronger unity in a marriage.  It comes from several cultures mainly from the Hindu with the idea that a wet knot is harder to untie. Since marriage is often referred to as tying the knot. Rain was also a symbol of fertility to agricultural societies, since rain restored and maintained the wellness of crops. Crops were peoples main source of stability and income so it was thought to guarantee a long happy marriage!

While no bride wants rain on their wedding day, it is inevitable and a good heart and flexibility is the only way to see it through.

Enjoy Events thinks some of the most romantic pictures are under an umbrella.  Not wishing any bride rain, but man, it is romantic.  Think of any romantic movie conflict and there is a kiss in the rain.  

While the day started and ended with clear skies, rain drops started when the ceremony music began and the  recessional concluded.  Ironic, but I think Diana and Phillip will indeed have a very happy marriage.  Congrats!!

Sprinkled with love by these vendors:

Enjoy Events:  planning
Samuel Seth Photography:  photography

The Lodge at Fulshear Creek:  event venue
Swift & Co:  tent, rentals and linen
Mi Chef Catering:  catering
More Than Cakes:  wedding cake