Monday, November 28, 2011

Bennett Art Showcase

The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture is the essence of art.  Perception of ones art generally leads to great conversation and interpretation.  Life brought one of the neatest clients my way.  Bobby, an artist has her art along with others are on display in her husbands office space. After several conversations among friends interested in seeing their art in a practical application inspired the idea to have an art showing.  To be clear, not an office party, but a celebration of art within an office environment.  This immediately inspired us to design visual art thoughout the space through food, lighting, and floral.  The space was already designed with wonderful flow and natural lighting.  The next step was to transform the space into an art gallery.  Track lighting was installed to accent the art on the walls and create a warming ambiance.   With the fluorescent lighting removed and a welcoming cocktail of prosecco (as they got out of their car) our clients guests were about to be in for a treat.

Suspended floral in bubbled glass vases and artful food presentation allowed for the conference table to be transformed into a buffet masterpiece.  While your attention was also drawn overhead to the magical arrangement, one might begin to ponder about the wonderful aroma presented.   The hollow shelving unit gave way to creative food displays which allowed the eye to continue to move from one area to the next, wondering what you might find next.   One might notice the colors presented in both floral and food balances with the art on the walls while the bringing out the  subtle brush strokes.  The bar mimicked the buffet design with smaller vessels overhead.

Food presentation allowed unique vessels, such as arcylic asian spoons to present a bruschetta twist with cilantro, plum tomatoes, corn, and garlic, crowned with tortilla strips.  Tuna Tartar nestled in a cucumber cup while a rosette of smooth roasted red pepper hummus, accompanied with savory feta cheese, kalamata olives and sweet peppered, elegantly displayed in a swan-folded flatbread, sitting in a glass votive cup.

Outside, guests gathered on the terrace while enjoying a breathtaking view overlooking Rice Military.  The fall leave colors and sunset provided a warming backdrop for the ivory dupioni silk linen accented with a turquoise confetti table runner to showcase a lush and whimsical floral arrangement.  As the sun set, the GOBO lighting pattern continued our art celebration with a carpet design on the concrete flooring.

A magical, artful night indeed.

Event Planning & Design:  Enjoy Events
Lighting: Impressive Events
Cater:  Bailey Connor Catering
Floral:  Johnathan Andrew Sage
Linen:  Elegant Beginnings
Rentals:  Swift & Co
Bar Service:  IC-IT Entertainment