Thursday, February 10, 2011

Izzie + Matt

What I love about weddings are the personalities.  The foundation of a wedding is pretty straight forward. Girl meets boy.  They fall in love.  The walk down an aisle.  They seal the deal with a kiss.  They dance the night away with friends.  They live happily ever after.

The personality of a wedding is what creates something magical.  It starts off with an inspiration book.  It starts off with brainstorming the fun little details, like finding out that your brides nickname is Izzie, even though I always referred to her as Christina.    It starts off with meeting a fabulous couple. It ends with celebrating and the beginning of a new journey.

We celebrated the heritage of Christina's ancestors through mojitos, ceviche, and latin music.

We celebrated the flawless colors of platinum and purple through dress, floral, and lighting.

We celebrated the art of customized shadow cookies which resembled Matt & Christina so much so they were difficult to eat.

We celebrated the talent of the Etsy artist with a unique guest book, cake accents, and embroidered handkerchiefs.

We celebrated through faith, love, and laughter.

We celebrated with a broken foot and decorative crutches.

Absolutely, we celebrated with an Izzie Soda bar.

With arms raised above our heads as the universal sign of enjoyment, we celebrated.

It was an honor to celebrate with Izzie & Matt and their entire family.

Event Planner:  Enjoy Events
Ceremony Location:  St. Michael Catholic Church
Dress & Shoes: Winnie Couture
Rings:  Ben Bridge Jewelers
Stationary:  by bride, groom, and family
Reception Location:  Westin Galleria
Linens:  Over The Top
Lighting:  Bright Star
DJ: Impressive Events
Master of Ceremony:  Joe Zuniga
Groom's Cake:  Crave Cupcakes
Party Favors:  Michael's Cookies Jar
Lounge Furniture:  Prop Rock
Escort Display:  Dream Bouquet
Photography:  The fabulous Akil Bennett



Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Modern Luxury Houston Brides Featured Article

I am truly honored to be highlighted in the latest issue of the Modern Luxury Houston Brides publication.  Not once, but twice. 

 I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the talent writers to share my thoughts on what makes Enjoy Events passion so successful in the wedding industry.  As an event professional for well over a decade I have watched the laughter fill the room while the waste fills the landfills. I shared my thoughts on sustainability while allowing for bold colors and dream events to take place. 

I am so excited Mike & Carol's wedding is highlighted in this amazing publication. It was such an intense logistical event that in the end gave such pleasure and joy to be a part of.  I fell to my knees when the rose petals started to rain on cue and the most beautiful combination of musical artists came together.  It was just as spectacular as the couple.