Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lisa Hopkins

In continuing the discussion of relationships that impact me, I bring you Lisa Hopkins.  We are know her.  We all respect her.  Today, she celebrates 12 years with the Houstonian.  Can you even imagine Lisa Hopkins as a novice?  Green?  Timid?   No way and impossible to conceive.  Over time, she has impacted hundreds if not thousands of memories and strikes me as a person who never gets bored and continually challenges the status quo. The one thing I admire in any person is progressive thinking.

I think I met Lisa in late 2004 when she was still President of the NACE Houston chapter.  I think that it was a luncheon at the Warwick.  (I could be completely mistaken).  There was an immediate connection and one that grew into professional dynamics as we sat on the board together.  I remember her asking me to take on the lead of education programming as a very young, very new NACE member. She has a knack of seeing people's strength and embraces them.

Lisa is instrumentally great in so many things she does.  From laying down the foundation for student chapters to effortlessly "working" a room at a networking event.  I don't think any of us could imagine the Houston market without her.  I certainty can't imagine not having her in my professional corner.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's All In The Relationships

Having been in the industry for over a decade I have had the opportunity to forge many long standing relationships, and look forward to the pleasure of welcoming new business partners.  I am so fortunate to work in the great city of Houston because we indeed have the best vendors a planner could ask for. 

I am starting a new blog series highlighting business relationships that I value and have had an impact on my career or influenced me in some way.  Of course, this will be never ending as I am constantly increasing my portfolio of people that make Enjoy Events look great.

I have to start somewhere and there is no order as to who is inducted into the Enjoy Events hall of fame.  I promise, I will get to all of you. 

First up, the girl who has been a friend and colleague for many years, Jennifer Schafer of Premier Bride and BranditBandits.  A career woman and fabulous Mother with a heart of gold who can  give it to you straight. We all know her spunk, wit and business drive. There is no marketing opportunity that would slip through her fingers.

I would consider myself a person of fortitude.  However, to find the courage to launch Enjoy Events was a decision that I struggled with for some time. After an intense conversation with Jennifer I determined that my fears were only of the tangible paycheck and nothing more.  I am pretty sure that she sternly informed me that there is no room in this world for Kat Creech to hesitate. (Can you imagine, Kat hesitating?  Absurd!)  She will probably tell the story differently, but I can honesty say that at that moment in time she told me exactly what I needed to hear.  I stand resolute and will not hold back from the dream.  I intend not only to be apart of this great city's memories, I intend to plan some of the best.