Friday, October 19, 2012

Becky + Trevor

Wedding tip 1:: enjoying the planning adventure = an enjoyable wedding day.   It is destiny. 
Wedding tip 2::  understanding a clients dream = epic moments and an unforgettable atmosphere.

Design challenge 1::  french blue toile; sunflowers;  ribbon/pendants;  modern twist
Design challenge 2:  blend of worldly inspiration and  travels  

Mission::  complete

{to see complete list of credits/vendors enjoy the story and adventure all the way to the end.  there is much to experience.}

I first met Becky at her sister's wedding  when we had the pleasure of creating great moments of celebration for Christina + Matt. I was beyond honored when the family invited me back into their lives to design and plan another great moment in time.  This time, the room would be filled with a blue and yellow palette and lots of familiar faces. I was truly excited to embark on this adventure.  It was kinda of like being part of the family. 

It started with a beautiful invitation design, which played on the love for sunflowers....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Inaugural Boss's Day

Wikipedia defines boss's day as a secular holiday celebrated on October 16 in the United States and Canada. It has traditionally been a day for employees to thank their bosses for being kind and fair throughout the year.   I have never been a boss and really have a hard time thinking of myself as the "boss kind."  Leader, yes.  Boss, confusing.  But, I guess I am.  I guess I have what is called an employee.  Maybe someday I (the boss) will have more.  I am touched by the journey of having an employee, her name is Linda. She is pretty cool. She makes being a boss pretty easy.   I think it is awesome I was given my first boss's gift and she taught me how to say boss in different languages.  I also learned the urban dictionary definition of boss, meaning incredibly awesome; miraculous; great. Thank you'll take it.  However, you are not so kind at defining employee.   Think we will stick with the traditional definition as it defines Linda a little more accurately.  She rocks.  Did you know that there is a national employee day?  Celebrated the first week of March.  Dang, I missed it.  Won't happen again.