Monday, December 20, 2010

CGGVeritas Holiday Ball 2010

CGGVeritas Holiday Ball celebrated the season with three different themes within one amazing space.  Trevisio's amphitheater shape restaurant is a beautiful canvas full of unlimited possibilities.    With is natural layout, the opportunity to create multiple design elements within the space was immediately embraced.  Working with a talented culinary crew I also had the confidence to push the envelope and create unexpected food displays within each space for the guests to enjoy. 

The main area with its breathtaking cobalt blue ceiling pendants was a beautiful backdrop for the modern platinum and crystal design influence.  With beautiful lounge furniture, an acrylic pipette wall for the shrimp display, and holiday songs from the Salvation Army Harbor Lights choir, the guests were welcomed as they sipped on a Prescco holiday cocktail.  The party quickly picked up with the talent of Fried Ice Cream.

To the left of the main area we celebrated a white holiday with custom polar bear fur linen, wintery tree lighting graphics, and a brandy milk punch.   The dessert display which sat on a series of glass columns and shelves was highlighted by a fantastic white peacock.   Guests will be able to relive the memory through their snow globe picture keepsake.

To the right of the main area, with colors of moss, red, and gold, the guests celebrated Christmas Past.  Gold ornate candelabras sat on moss taffeta holly linen and was accented by traditional lanterns.  An iron gate highlighted with a red peacock presented a unique imported cheese display which was complimented by a cognac bar and wassail.    

It was a holiday ball that was enjoyed and will be remembered for years to come.

Event Planner:  Enjoy Events
Venue:  Trevisio 
Decor:  Darryl & Co
Lighting:  Impressive Entertainment
Entertainment:  Salvation Army Harbor Light Choir  and Fried Ice Cream
Photography:  Steve Lee Photography  
Snow Globes:  Best Entertainers

Testimonial from Michael Lassoff, Director of  Catering at Trevisio's:

"Working with Kat was truly superb.  She is an over achiever to say the least.  Under her supervision, our restaurant was transformed in grand proportions I have never seen before.  She is an organized, creative person, detail oriented and full of positive energy.  In addition to her tremendous creativity, she is also able to build on the ideas of others, a huge plus in this industry.  I was also hugely impressed by her passion and knowledge of practical ways to execute an event while considering sustainability of the environment.  If you are hosting an event, be it big or small, I could not recommend any planner more whole-heartedly.  Her professionalism is unparalleled.  She will make your event so much more than you could ever expect.”

Testimonial from Melissa Shepperd, lead singer Fried Ice Cream:

"WOW! Best holiday party ever!  The CGG Veritas group definitely knows how to party it up!
The dance floor was packed until the end…. I’m telling ya, that was so awesome for a corporate event!! I was so impressed!

You did a fantastic job, Kat! Loved the theme.
I know everyone had a great time….. we talked to a lot of people that night and heard tons of wonderful comments and feedback on everything."

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tyco Thermal Controls Holiday Ball 2010

Having the pleasure to work with Traci Carroll is such an honor. This will be our fourth year creating memories together for the the Tyco Thermal Controls group and each year's theme has always been a little bit different, but always a black tie affair.  But, not this year. It was time to mix it up a bit, dust off the cowboy boots and put on those tight fitting wranglers.  Absolute a joy to work along Traci and create an amazing atmosphere.  

Texas Ingredients:
Event Planner:  Enjoy Events
Centerpiece & Floral:  Enjoy Events
Room Decor:  Swift & Co
Room Decor:  Imagine That!
Dessert:  Enjoy Chocolate
Casino:  Monte Carlo Plus
Venue:  Warehouse Live
Caterer: City View Catering
Keepsakes:  Ashley Nostalgia Old Time Photography
Entertainment:  Texas Crossroads
Photography:  Laura Burlton of DJones Photography

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mike + Carol - The Wedding

I really couldn't summarize my feelings about meeting two of the coolest people better than what Carol posted on my facebook wall after the wedding.  "Sorry if I sounded weird talking about cosmic signs of the universe last night, but everything happens for a reason! We were SUPPOSED to run into you at HOB, you were SUPPOSED to start Enjoy Events, and you were SUPPOSED to produce our special day!! You absolutely nailed our vision on the head. Thanks my lovely!! xoxoxox"

Carol is absolutely correct that I had a dream of producing a wedding on the stage of House of Blues for the perfect couple.  In my last week of employment, they walked in, we dreamed together and the rest as they say is history.  We all knew it was just meant to be.

The wedding was a production within itself.  The stage was covered in white with iron tree accents and fabulous crystal chandeliers.   A color splash of magenta and orange set the tone and there is nothing better than when rose petals start to rain during the bride's entrance.   The guests enjoyed the breathtaking view (which was enough to make you fall to your knees) from the mezzanine seats of the theater. Did I mention rose petals were raining?  It was beyond spectacular!

The are so many amazing moments, but my favorite highlight was the combination of an unlikely pair of musical talent which included The Salvation Army Harbor Lights Choir and Acoustic Productions.  Not only did they welcome the guests to amazing Motown sounds, but they created the best musical sensation by humming Pachabel Cannon in D.  When I couldn't find anyone to perform such a wild request, these two groups obliged my wish and even auditioned together. Even to this day, my hairs stand up on my arms when I think about that moment.  A cello, a guitarist, and vocal harmony blended together for something miraculous.  I have a tendency to dream up crazy ideas and find a way to make it happen.

Those who know me know I love lighting.  To me lighting adds so much to an event's atmosphere.  Having a million dollar system to play with was like letting me loose in a candy store (those that have seen me at a pastry counter know that this is serious indulgence).

My dear friend Mike at Darryl & Co handled the centerpieces, floral, and linen design. I had so much fun working on the storyboard for this vision.  Modern influences with magentas, purples, oranges, and blues were the inspiration for the table scape.  With two royal VIP tables, a VIP head table and four different color schemes all with unique centerpieces, the consistency of the design of these elements was crucial.  I could go on and on about each intricate element, but I think the pictures highlight the design the best.

I love the boxwood butterfly escort wall.

As if a wedding was not enough to produce, Mike & Carol gave me an extra challenge to execute and produce a performance showcase. With an amazing history in dance and singing, a wonderful group of talented friends came together to entertain the crowd.  Stay tuned to the next blog post: Mike & Carol - The Performance.

Congratulations to two amazing people!

The Players:
Event Producer:  Enjoy Events
Darryl & Co:  Linen, Centerpieces & Floral Design
Flowers by Nino:  Ceremony Bouquets
Reception Music:  Impressive Events
Ceremony & Reception Location:  House of Blues 
Photographer:  Laura Burlton - DJones Photographer
Cake:  More Than Cakes