Sunday, January 10, 2010

BES Recap

The Bridal Extravaganza Show (BES) was successful for many vendors and Enjoy Events was no exception.  I enjoyed our little piece of heaven: a corner 8x8 booth with the highlight being the awesome grass for  flooring and stellar signage.  Thanks to my dear friends at Daryl & Co for adding the finishing touches.  The brides with the "deer headlights" were welcomed into the tranquil bliss with a warm smile.   With a few kind words and an energetic attitude, I was able to make me them feel at ease.  I set up a series of appointments for this week and am looking forward to creating some enjoyable moments for the blissful bride and groom. 

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Trend Tips for 2010

The old cliche of "great minds think alike"  surfaced as I was writing a blog about interesting trends taking shape in 2010.  A dear friend and colleague sitting on her couch in another part of the city was apparently thinking of the same topic.  Before I could hit publish on my blog post, I received her  blog post containing almost the same information that I just complied.  Dang, I love that girl.  So, for the sake of not reinventing the wheel (oh, I am running with the puns tonight) I decided to link to her post and provide an excerpt.  

Premier Bride Trendy Insights

Thanks Jenn for thinking like me.  I can not express how much I love these trends.  

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding Bliss

Houston Professionals are gearing up for one of the longest running bridal shows, the Bridal Extravaganza at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Over 5000 brides-to-be will walk miles on January 9 & 10  as they dream about their wedding day. They have questions and vendors have answers.  It is indeed a match made of bliss.  Enjoy Events is proud to make their debut along side some of Houston's finest event professional.  I am thinking that there is only one answer to all of their questions.  They just need Enjoy Events planning services and expert advice...everything else will just fall into place.  Everything else will be enjoyed. 
See you at the show.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Invitational Tip for 2010

There is nothing better than receiving an invitation, greeting card or announcement in the mail.  We all take the daily walk to the mailbox and find ourselves sorting though the bills, the familiar envelopes and the mass mailers.  Most of the time we can determine if an envelope is to be opened with a quick glance or if we consider it "junk mail."  Every now and then, we get to pause as there is an envelope of some interest and we quickly determine that this package is more important than all others.  We open the envelope and think to ourselves how very nice it is to have received something different in the mail.  
Paper invitations are essential in most events planned, but there are occasions when an email invitation is acceptable.  I am sure that we all have an evite account and know the inner workings of the site.  It has served us well.  When I ran across the latest cyber email invitation option,  I can honestly say that I jumped for joy.  It is not there is anything wrong with evite, it is just someone has done it a little better.  

Paperless Post, even though still in Beta  is a custom online invitation and announcement service that personalizes the envelope and is delivered into your guests' email box.  Paperless Post seeks to redefine the tradition of paper stationery so that people can send custom, personalized invitations and announcements with the same thought and care as previous generations, but the way we communicate today: online.  The site is not supported by advertisers so your invitations will always remain personal and free of pop-ups and ads.  Alone, this is something I will enjoy.  After sending, you can then monitor as guests receive and reply to their invitations.  I think that it has the the beauty and thoughtfulness of traditional cardstock, but with the convenience and accessibility of today.  Additionally, in a world of environmental consciousness, it is sustainable and convenient.  While it will not replaced some traditions of receiving a paper invitation, I think that it has its place in events and can be enjoyed when received.